Sailing the Unknown

The Creative Editions-Mankato, MN. USA 2012

“A young boy conscripted aboard a ship of seasoned sailors. A journey to faraway lands in an uncharted world. A tale of cannibals and exotic creatures and devastating illness. This could be the makings of the latest young adult action thriller. Instead it’s a strikingly illustrated picture book for older readers…” more

“Nicholas Young, 11, circles the globe in this gorgeously illustrated seafaring adventure loosely based on journals of 18th-century explorer Capt. James Cook. Seasoned children’s poet Rosen here creates the likable character of young protagonist Nick through spare journal entries describing his travels aboard Cook’s first ship…” more

“This spare, fictionalized diary from the youngest crew member aboard the Endeavour in 1768 recounts the events and adventures experienced by the sailors under the command of Captain James Cook, famed for landing in Australia. Nicholas Young, 11 years old at the outset of the journey, is in charge of the ship’s milk goat and helps out in other ways when he can…” more

From “Sailing the Unknown”